Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6. June 2012 (1984)

A thought on 6. June 2012 (1984)

"Never forget!  Never forgive!"  Every year on this day, I hear those words, read the words, say those words.  What do they really mean?  I agree that we must never forget.  It occurs to me that I'm not sure of the meaning of "forgive," though.  If it means "condone," I agree that we cannot forgive.  Ever.  I do not believe a Sikh is ever called on to condone evil.

The Buddhists say that "Forgiveness involves surrendering feelings of animosity and hatred when others step on our toes."  Or murder our babies?  And mothers and old blind men? 

Forgiving is supposed to be good for us.  It probably often does no benefit to the one forgiven, but it takes a load off the forgiver. 

But exactly what is forgiveness, and how can I tell if I have really forgiven?  Is it possible to forgive and then to unforgive?  Or is forgiveness forever?

I'm just asking because I really don't know.  if you do know, please write it here, so I'll know, too.

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  1. I find this a useful definition.

    ]Forgiveness is my voluntarily giving up my hatred for you for the wrong you have done to me.

    It sort of sounds like the Buddhist, just a bit different. It doesn't involve denying that one was wronged nor does it abrogate the other's responsibility. Evil is not condoned. Nothing is asked of the person who did wrong. In fact, it is all about me and the perpetrator is really sort of incidental.


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